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Networking. At some stage you are going to want to share your Files across your devices, share a Printer or share an Internet connection. Whether this is via the Cloud or Sharing between devices at home or at work you are going to need networking. There really are only 2 main ways that this will be possible with the exception of Blue Tooth which has its own category.

So here we go, Wired or Wireless:

Wired: Commonly known as Blue Cable, this is the backbone of Ethernet networking and requires physical cabling between Computers, Routers, Printers etc.
    Pros: Faster, more reliable
    Cons: Ugly, can be expensive

Wireless: The modern world uses Wireless for nearly everything and has similar capabilities to that of Wired networks however there are limitations
    Pros: Convenient, Invisible
    Cons: Distance restrictions, Slower, less reliable

There is of course as is in most cases a combination of both technologies in almost every household and business.

Regardless of your choice, infrastructure or needs, we are experts in this field and can provide any level of networking from Home to Large Business, Wired or Wireless Solutions.

This is my baby so please call me directly on 0412 820 061 or call our office on 4392 8000 to discuss your specific networking needs.

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