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Your Internet connection is your lifeline. Today, the Internet isn’t just a pastime you enjoy occasionally. Through smartphones and mobile devices, along with work and home computers, you’re connected virtually always. It’s how you keep in touch with loved ones who lived far away. It’s how you find out the latest news, catch the hottest music and movies, or even earn a living. When you have a downed connection, it’s often more than a slight inconvenience. You need your connection to be repaired quickly.

Here at Micromac Computers, we take that responsibility seriously with a range of NBN connection repairs and services. If your computer or other device isn’t connecting properly, we’ll look into all the options, diagnose the problem in a timely manner, and get you back online fast. You won’t spend days waiting around for answers. You have a life to live! We take that into account with every computer repair we perform.

If you have an NBN connection or another computer problem, we hope you’ll bring your device to us.
Please give us a call on 02 4392 8000 and we’ll discuss the problems you’re having, potential issues, and invite you to bring your device in for closer inspection.
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NBN Connection


Data can be lost in a variety of ways. Sometimes when a computer’s hard drive is defective, or the user cannot turn the system on for some other reason, any files that were saved the computer cannot be accessed. In other cases, files become corrupted due to viruses and other issues. No matter what the cause, the results can be a hassle at best, and devastating at worst. Luckily, we’re happy to help you with data recovery and other computer repair services. In some cases, we may be able to fix the issue that lost your data, to begin with.